Turkey Ranks Fourth In The World In Receiving Tourists

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Turkey Ranks Fourth In The World In Receiving Tourists

Turkey rose to fourth place in the world tourism list after hosting about 29.9 million tourists in 2021, ahead of both Italy and the United States, according to a report issued by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Turkey advances on the list of world tourism for the year 2021
According to the report's evaluation, France topped the list with about 40 million tourists, while Mexico came in second place with 31.9 million tourists, followed by Spain in third place with 31.2 million tourists.

As for Turkey's ranking in tourism, it has progressed to fourth place after it surpassed Italy, which hosted 26.3 million tourists, in fifth place, then the United States with 22.1 million tourists, Greece with 14.7 million, and Austria with 12.7 million tourists.

Turkey's ranking in tourism

7% of the world's tourists go to Turkey
In his speech to Demiroyen News Agency on March 29, 2022, Recep Yavuz, Chairman of the Tourism Working Group of Antalya City Council, said: “Out of 421 million people who traveled around the world as tourists in 2019, nearly 30 million of them were in Turkey. "

Yavuz continued, "According to the latest data contained in the report, Turkey's share in world tourism amounted to about 7% in 2021."

"Due to the epidemic, about 1 billion people were unable to travel," Yavuz said, adding that "the countries of the Far East and Asia have felt the hardest blow because of the pandemic."

He continued, "China, the epicenter of the epidemic, was the fourth tourist country in 2019, with about 65 million travelers, but it is no longer present on the tourism map after the epidemic."

He added, "As for Thailand, it has also witnessed a resounding fall in the world of tourism, as the country that hosted 40 million visitors in 2019 fell to 53rd place on the list, with only 400,000 tourists in 2021.”

Turkey's ranking in tourism

Turkey is the biggest winner in tourism in 2021
Thanks to the lifting of restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus epidemic, tourism in Europe recovered in 2021, and the western Mediterranean countries ended the year with a slight loss in tourism revenue compared to 2019.

According to Yavuz, the biggest winner for 2021 after Turkey was Mexico, as Mexico was in seventh place for 2019, third in 2020, and then Mexico reached second place in 2021.

Yavuz referred that Mexicans living in the United States, and American tourists who prefer to visit neighboring countries, have increased the number of tourists in Mexico.

Yavuz also emphasized that Spain witnessed a sharp decline in the number of tourists in 2021, as it lost about 50 million tourists compared to 2019.

Greece was one of the losers as well. The country that targeted 25 million tourists at the beginning of 2021, received only 14.7 million tourists by the end of the year.

Turkey's ranking in tourism